Keager Stanhope

Brown hair and bearded, hides him self beneath a cloak, As quick with his blaster as he is with his tongue




Born to middle class parents on coruscant.
Keager was always a little scamp, running and hiding in the giant city.
His parent owned a shop for many years, however grew endebted to the wrong group and were eventually abducted.
Keager on one of his usual “ adventures” through the tunnel or vent system came back home to find his parents shop aflame and was never aware of their fate.
he wandered the city having many misadventures until he eventually found his way on a cargo ship.
He stowed away not to escape but purely to hide from his friend during a childish game.
Before he knew it he was space bound and stuck.

He was discovered when the ship arrived on a new forest world and forcibly ejected.

He wandered the wilderness and stole food where he could.

He chased a strange white creature that he often saw in the distance, that didn’t appear to want to harm him.

After many weeks like this he awoke one day and discovered the white being.
A creature that referred to it self as Mr Biggles, he told him that he will look after him and teach him.

Many years past under Mr Biggles tutorage, learning that Keager was atuned to the ways of the force.
Mr Biggles taught Keager of the galactic war and the false empire.
Keager was tasked to protect and preserve any remnants he could of the jedi order, and was told eventually he would need to leave this planet.
Many years passed in this way.
One fateful day Keager took a trip into town for supplies, imperial storm troopers noticed him “reappropriating” food and chased him. His master was waiting for his return and saw him coming in very fast.
Keager kept running and eventually lost the storm troopers.

When he came back to find his master he found only the crumpled remains of Biggles, trampled into oblivion by the jack booted feet of patrol chasing him.

Blaming him self for leading them to his master Keager was left with nothing but his masters instructions to leave this planet and to find and preserve remnants of the jedi order. He disguised him self and made his way back to the space port where he booked passage on a ship with promises of coin he did not have.

Keager Stanhope

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