STAR WARS: The Screw Ups

Season I - Episode I (Part II)
The Screw Ups Begin

The edge of the empire is a hard place to make a living and it is far worse if you are running from something. Those that succeed manage to take their place amongst the illustrious company of pirates, thieves and murderers.

The desperate crew of the CENTURY PIDGEON hunt for the notorious pirate known as BANDIN DOBAH. This is no small task and they will need all the help they can get.

Having just dealt with the thugs of a local gang and rescuing R4-W9 from their clutches, the crew now have what seems to be a solid lead on the location of their bounty. If all things go to plan they will soon have all they need to keep running.

Quotes from session 1
The Qutoening

Keager Stanhope
" where would you look Snoo, if you wanted to find a Ben’Dover boy"

Season I - Episode I
The Screw Ups Begin

It is a period of relative peace in the galaxy. The Empire rules with an iron fist and any resistance is cruelly put down. For those on the edge it is a harsh life and it is about to get worse.

A small vessel has been stolen by a desperate crew and without knowing where to go have jumped to hyperspace heading to the last known coordinates in the navi computer. This has lead them to the planet of Formos and without credits this may be the end of their journey.

Meanwhile, TORISH PO’REN has abandoned his duty to the Empire and is desperately trying to find passage off planet, little does he know that Imperial Agents are already hot on his trail…


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